Thursday, 14 April 2011

British atrocities during the Mau Mau uprising revealed

The  current  British   government  was  forced   to   release   classified   documents   containing  shocking  details  of   British   colonial  atrocities   committed   in   Kenya   during   the  Mau  Mau  uprising ( between  1950  and  1960 ). The  documents  show  how  much  British  colonial officers  have  been  involved in employing the most cruel torture techniques against the Kenyans,  including beating up and roasting the revolutionaries alive as well as severe sexual assaults and castration which they used as the most common and routine torture techniques!
 Sadly, the  current  British  government  is  helping  the  American  empire  commit  atrocities  across  North  Africa, Middle  East  and  Central  Asia !