Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The CIA Attempts to kill Castro

An  interesting documentary about   the U.S   attempts   to  kill  Fidel   Castro  over  the  last  five decades. Some  of   the  ridiculous CIA  attempts  makes   one  really  laugh ! The  full   documentary   can   be  watched  via   the  link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RtFFkd73xo&list=SL&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fshow%2F638waystokillcastro&has_verified=1
 The  interesting  irony   was   that,   the   assassination   of   Castro    was   a   big  priority   for   president  J. F . Kennedy   who   himself   was  later   assassinated   by   a   sniper   assassin !

Thursday, 14 April 2011

British atrocities during the Mau Mau uprising revealed

The  current  British   government  was  forced   to   release   classified   documents   containing  shocking  details  of   British   colonial  atrocities   committed   in   Kenya   during   the  Mau  Mau  uprising ( between  1950  and  1960 ). The  documents  show  how  much  British  colonial officers  have  been  involved in employing the most cruel torture techniques against the Kenyans,  including beating up and roasting the revolutionaries alive as well as severe sexual assaults and castration which they used as the most common and routine torture techniques!
 Sadly, the  current  British  government  is  helping  the  American  empire  commit  atrocities  across  North  Africa, Middle  East  and  Central  Asia !

Monday, 11 April 2011

Thousands protest U.S. military Occupation in Iraq

Thousands of Iraqis took the streets demanding the end of U.S military occupation. This comes after the U.S Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, suggested the possibility of U.S troops to remain in Iraq for years to come !

Friday, 8 April 2011

'Arab Flu' - West Next? - Cross Talk

A   very  interesting   debate  about   the   current   events   in  the  Middle   East. As  expected,   the   puppet   Arab   regimes   and   their  neoconservatives   masters  are  playing   the   Islamist   card   to  discredite   the  unfolding  popular   uprising   in   the  Arab   world !

Saturday, 2 April 2011

NATO in Libya, two weeks on

After   almost  two  weeks  of  air  strikes  against Colonel Qadaffi  military  forces  and  assets,  there  is   no  sign  of  the   end game. Despite   the  NATO  air   cover   under   the   fake    pretext   of    "protecting civilians",  and  despite   the  CIA/MI6  joint   covert   operations,  the   Rebels  have   been  unable   to   make   any   significant   advance   against Colonel  Qaddafi`s  forces. In   fact,   to   evade  NATO, Qaddafi   forces   have   adopted   an   obvious  tactic  in  the  front lines,  which   is   to   get   rid    of   their   regular   army   uniforms    and    deploy   similar  vehicles   used   by   the  Rebels.Which   makes   it   very   difficult  for  NATO   to  distinguish   who  is  who  from  the  air ! Just   this   morning   there   are    reports   of   a  NATO   air  strike   against  a  Rebel  convoy.
 Now   given   that   there   is   no  sign   of   Qaddafi   leaving   anytime  soon,   questions   are  now  being    asked   about   what  next. To   a  certain  degree,  the  Western  coalition  has  definitely  underestimated  Qaddafi`s   ability   to  stay   in  power.One   of   the   reasons   for   this,  is  in  my  view, the  Western   reliance  on   dissident  Libyans   living  abroad !   Few   weeks   ago,   a  lot    of  dissidents  here  in  the  UK,  claimed   that   Qadaffi`s   regime   would  fall  within  days  because    of   mass  defections.Clearly, this  has  not  happened   so  far,  despite   the  recent   defections  ( or  kidnapping ? )   of   people   like  Moussa  Koussa, there   is   no  sign   that  regime   will  collapse  anytime  soon. Indeed,  having  realized  this, the  Western  coalition   is   now   considering   arming   and   training   the  Rebels, which    at   first  glance  seems   to   go  against   the  current    U.N   resolution. However, it  seems   there  is  a  way  around,   as   the  British  prime   argued,  the  resolution   allows   " all  necessary  measures   to  protect  civilians", even  though  one  may  argue  whether    the  Rebels   are   really  ordinary  civilians  or  whether  the  measures   also   apply    to   pro - Qaddafi   civilians !

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Muammar Qaddafi and the Western hypocrisy

There  is  no  doubt  that,   the  Arab  regimes, specially  those   regimes  backed  by   the  west,   are  losing   grip  on  power. From  the  semi - fallen  regimes  of  Tunisia  and  Egypt,    to   the   shaken  Saudi/ Bahraini  regimes.  Now   in   recent   weeks,  Libya   has   been   under   a   huge    attention   by   the   big   western   governments ,  who   apparently   are  worried   about   the  brutality   of  Qaddafi`s   regime   on  protesters ,  even   though    a   lot   of   these  protesters   are   armed   with  powerfull   rockets   and   machine  guns.  But  wait,    how   come    protesters    are  able    to   convert  themselves   from  " peacefull "   and  unarmed   protesters   to  well  armed   anti  -  Qaddafi   rebels   in    space   of   three  days ? !!  The  only    logical   answer   I  can   think   of ,  is    that  ,  the   West   has   orchestrated   the  armed   resistance  against  Qaddafi !   Let   me   be  clear,  I   am  not  saying   the  West   orchestrated   the  anti  -  Qaddafi   protests,    clearly   the  Libyan  people   are  unhappy   with    the   Qaddafi   regime,    and    so   they   took   to   the  streets   demanding  change. However,  if    we   consider    the   way    things   have  unfolded ,  first   in   the  U.N  with   the  resignation   of   the  entire   Libyan   deplomatic  mission  (  some  even  calling  for  Western  military  intervention ),  then  the   immediate   recognition   of   the   Rebel  Council   in  Bengahzi   as   the  " legimate "  representative   of   the  Lybyan   people  by   France,  it   becomes  clear   that   the  West   is   fully   behind   the   armed  rebellion. In  fact,   government   officials   in  the   West    are    now   publicly  calling   for    a   no  fly   zone   and   the   supply   of   weapons   to   the  rebels.  The   following    is   the   key   reason,    why   I   think    the  West     is    picking   on   Qaddafi  :

-   To   take   the  attention   away   from    the   shaken   pro  -  Western    regimes ,   such    as   the   Bahraini  and   the   Saudi   regimes.  Having    lost   Mubarak ,  and   having    failed    to   use   Iran  (  and  possibly   Syria )   as    a   distraction,   Libya    was    always    the    next    logical   choise   by    the  West,  given  that  Qaddafi   is   not    pro -  West  (  despite   multi - billion   oil  deals   with   some   Western  powers  such   as  Britain ).

 Now,   with   Russia   and  China  rightly    opposed    to   another   Western   imperial   intervention   in   arab  world,  the  Western  powers   are    ironically   seeking   support    from    their   shaken    puppet    arab  regimes    to    back   a  possible  UN   resolution. In  meantime,     while   Qaddafi   forces   are  gaining   momentum,   the   so -  called   rebels   are  losing  momentum,  possibly  because    their    Western   weapons   supply   is   running   low.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Are we witnessing a domino effect Arab revolution ?

First Tunisia, now Egypt ?!! After the fall of the Tunisian president Ben Ali, there is definitely a growing concern amongst the unelected Arab rulers about who will be the next one.This is certainly the case of the unelected 82 years old dictator, Hosni Mubarak, who the U.S and other western goverment label as a good allie in maintening the Midle East stable. In recent days, thousands of people have gone to the streets demanding the end of Mubarak`s regime. In  responce, Mubarak`s  regime  started  a violent  crackdown on  protesters, which  resulted in hundreds  of  arrests  and  at  least  10  protesters killed.
 The  key  questions  for  me  are  :
a) Will  the  protesters ( youth  in particular)  let  themselves be intimidated  by  the regimes  violent  crackdown ?

b) Will  the  army  support  the  regime ? Or  will  the  army  support  the  people  of  Egypt?

c) Will  the opposition political  movements  such  as  the  Muslim Brotherhood  take  this  life  time opportunity  to bring  down  the  Mubarak regime.

I  personally  hope  the  protesters  will  prevail, and Muslim Brotherhood  will  help  end  Mubarak`s  30  years  rule.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Short note - Why complex Hilbert Spaces in quantum mechanics ?

Since the late thirties, after von Neumman formulated what is now considered the standard mathematical framework for quantum mechanics, many people have asked the question (Why complex Hilbert Spaces?).An obvious answer is:

- Both Schrodinger and Heisenberg used prototypes of separable complex Hilbert Spaces to formulate their respective approaches.More precisely,Schrodinger`s wave mechanics employed the space $L^2( R^2 )$  of square integrable complex functions,whereas Heisenberg`s matrix mechanics employed the space $ l^2$  of square - summable sequences of complex numbers.At the age of just 23,von Neumman realized that the spaces $L^2( R^2 )$ and $l^2 $  had something deep in common!That deep thing was the mathematical structure of a separable complex Hilbert space,and so the unification of Schrodinger and Heisenberg`s formalisms into a single mathematical framework was born by employing an abstract separable complex Hilbert space.Since then quantum mechanics enjoyed a special status in modern theoretical physics,as thousands of its predictions have been experimentally confirmed.

Note : A famous alternative to the Hilbert space approach is the algebraic approach, in this approach one starts with an abstract unital C* - algebra $A*$.Roughly speaking if  $A*$  is commutative then we`ll have classical mechanics , whereas if $A*$  is noncommutative we`ll have quantum mechanics! There are other interesting approaches as well ( e.g,convex set approach).

Now given the experimental success of the Hilbert space approach in the last 85 years,one may ask, why should we change such a powerfull formalism that has given us so many correct answers ? Even more worrying, one can easily take the "shut up and calculate "attitude that many physicists take in regard to the foundations of quantum mechanics! However,if one is driven by foundations of physics ( for example Hilbert`s sixth problem on axiomatization of physics),then one may consider doing the following :

-Construct a brand new abstract axiomatic framework from which one can derive the Hilbert space formalism (and others including classical formalism) as special cases of this abstract framework.
I am currently writing a preliminary draft called " Quantum Formalism From Three Abstract Axioms ", hopefully I will post it here in near future! Do you think there is the need to change the standard Hilbert space formalism ? Feel free to comment!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

The legacy of internet , Wikileaks

 Before  the  internet  era , the  standard   media ( news  channels , newspapers )  was   the only   tool  available  to   whistleblowers  to  expose  the  wrong  doings  of  goverments  and  multi - national   corporations  around  the  world. In  the  west  in  particular , the  freedom  of  information  allowed   the  media   to  publish  high  value  contents   about   some   western  governments  wrong  doings  around  the  world  ( e.g.  U.S  war  crimes  in  Vietnam  and  Laos ). However   in  nowdays ,  the  standard  western  media  (  U.S  media  in particular )  has  become   almost   a  partner   with  the  U.S  goverment   in  hiding   the  true   about   the  U.S  wrong  doings  around  the  world , from  the  past  war  crimes  committed   in  Iraq   to   the  ongoing  war  crimes  in  Afghanistan  and  Pakistan.
Thankfully  in  nowdays  ,  the  internet  has  given  us  the  chance  to  post   and  access  classified  information  about  the   wrong  doings  of  some  western  governments , a  good  example  is  the  recent  wikileaks  releace   of   classified  U.S  military   documents  containing   plenty  of   information  about    war  crimes  committed  by  U.S  and  British   forces  in  Iraq  and  Afghanistan. These  classified  documents  would  never   go  public  through  the  standard  media  if  wikileaks  was  100%   dependent  on  standard  media !  Thanks  to  the  internet ,  the  world  has  become   a  closer  community  in  terms  of  information ,  information   posted   from  any  corner   of  the  world  can  reach  millions   of   people  around   the  world  within  minutes. So  the  internet  has  become   a  very  powerfull  tool  of  holding   goverments  and  multi - national  corporations  accountable   for  their  wrong   doings.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Iran `s nuclear program and CIA lack of intel

The  case  of  kidnapped  Iranian  nuclear researcher by the CIA ( with Saudi help ) is  a  clear  sign  of  U.S  desperation  and  lack  of   intel  in  regard  to  Iran`s  nuclear  program !
After  years  of  hypocrisy , double standards  and sanctions  against  Iran , the  Zionist  puppets  in  Washington are running out  of  ideas  on  how  to  undermine Iran`s  peaceful nuclear  program. Iran  has  signalled  that  it  wont  give  up  its  right  to  develop an  independent  nuclear  program  under  NPT rules , but  nevertheless  the  Washington  puppets  are  still  with  the  idea  of  undermining  the  program  by  random  kidnappings ( or even assassinations ) of  scientists  working  at  the  Tehran  University ! This  tendency  suggests  that  the  CIA  has  no  clue  of who is  or  not  working on Iran`s  nuclear program , Mr. Amiri`s  case  is  a  good  example  of  CIA  lack  of  intel  in  regard  to  Iran`s  nuclear  program. The  only  thing  that  CIA  might  know is  what  all  of   us  know , namely  there  are  Russian  and  Chinese experts  helping  the  Iranians  develope  their program.
Mr. Amiri  was  kidnapped  while  travelling  to  Mecca , then  he  was  taken  to  U.S , where  for  months  he was  questioned  ( and  claimed  to  be  tortured )  by  the  CIA. He  was  also  offered  millions  of  dollars  to give  an  interview  to  a  U.S  news  channel  (  CNN ? ) , but  he  rightly  refused  to  do  such  an  immoral  thing. At  the  end  the  CIA  has  no  other  choice  but  to  release  him  and  face  an international   humiliation  for  the  kidnapping !http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b5yR90C7D8