Friday, 28 January 2011

Are we witnessing a domino effect Arab revolution ?

First Tunisia, now Egypt ?!! After the fall of the Tunisian president Ben Ali, there is definitely a growing concern amongst the unelected Arab rulers about who will be the next one.This is certainly the case of the unelected 82 years old dictator, Hosni Mubarak, who the U.S and other western goverment label as a good allie in maintening the Midle East stable. In recent days, thousands of people have gone to the streets demanding the end of Mubarak`s regime. In  responce, Mubarak`s  regime  started  a violent  crackdown on  protesters, which  resulted in hundreds  of  arrests  and  at  least  10  protesters killed.
 The  key  questions  for  me  are  :
a) Will  the  protesters ( youth  in particular)  let  themselves be intimidated  by  the regimes  violent  crackdown ?

b) Will  the  army  support  the  regime ? Or  will  the  army  support  the  people  of  Egypt?

c) Will  the opposition political  movements  such  as  the  Muslim Brotherhood  take  this  life  time opportunity  to bring  down  the  Mubarak regime.

I  personally  hope  the  protesters  will  prevail, and Muslim Brotherhood  will  help  end  Mubarak`s  30  years  rule.