Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Iran `s nuclear program and CIA lack of intel

The  case  of  kidnapped  Iranian  nuclear researcher by the CIA ( with Saudi help ) is  a  clear  sign  of  U.S  desperation  and  lack  of   intel  in  regard  to  Iran`s  nuclear  program !
After  years  of  hypocrisy , double standards  and sanctions  against  Iran , the  Zionist  puppets  in  Washington are running out  of  ideas  on  how  to  undermine Iran`s  peaceful nuclear  program. Iran  has  signalled  that  it  wont  give  up  its  right  to  develop an  independent  nuclear  program  under  NPT rules , but  nevertheless  the  Washington  puppets  are  still  with  the  idea  of  undermining  the  program  by  random  kidnappings ( or even assassinations ) of  scientists  working  at  the  Tehran  University ! This  tendency  suggests  that  the  CIA  has  no  clue  of who is  or  not  working on Iran`s  nuclear program , Mr. Amiri`s  case  is  a  good  example  of  CIA  lack  of  intel  in  regard  to  Iran`s  nuclear  program. The  only  thing  that  CIA  might  know is  what  all  of   us  know , namely  there  are  Russian  and  Chinese experts  helping  the  Iranians  develope  their program.
Mr. Amiri  was  kidnapped  while  travelling  to  Mecca , then  he  was  taken  to  U.S , where  for  months  he was  questioned  ( and  claimed  to  be  tortured )  by  the  CIA. He  was  also  offered  millions  of  dollars  to give  an  interview  to  a  U.S  news  channel  (  CNN ? ) , but  he  rightly  refused  to  do  such  an  immoral  thing. At  the  end  the  CIA  has  no  other  choice  but  to  release  him  and  face  an international   humiliation  for  the  kidnapping !