Monday, 26 April 2010

How serious is Obama on Middle East peace process ?

 In  recent  months  Obama  has  shown ( at  least  in  rhetoric )  signs  of  willingness  to  start  " real "  peace  process, however  the  signs  have  been  always  overshadowed  by  the  unwillingness  of  the  Zionist  regime  to  stop  the  illegal  settlements, in  fact  the  regime  humiliated U.S  vice president  Joe  Biden  by  announcing  the  construction  of  1600  illegal  houses  in  East  Jerusalem  during  Biden`s  recent  visit. President  Obama  is  said  to  be  " furious "  about  the  announcement  of  the  constructions  to  which  prime  minister  Netanyahu  said  he  didn`t  know  about  and  offered  his  apologies  to  Washington ! Now  few  weeks  later  in  his  AIPAC  speech , Netanyahu  said  " Jerusalem  is  not  a  settlement. It  is  our  capital ". In  other  words , Israel  considers  the  illegal  settlements  as  " legal ".
Interestingly  at  the  same  AIPAC stage , sec. of  state  Hillary  Clinton  said  that  the status quo between Israelis and Palestinians was “unsustainable” and that building over  East Jerusalem hurt efforts to advance the peace process.

Personal  answer  to  the  posting. Obama  is  serious  enough  for  hard talk , but  not  serious  enough  for  concrete  actions  to  force  the  Zionist  regime  stop  its  violations  of  international  law ! In  fact  Obama  seems  now  to  be  more  focused  on  Iran`s  nuclear  program  than  on  Palestinian  issue !