Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Israel`s barbaric attacks and its geopolitical consequences

More than 48 hours since Israel`s barbaric attack on Flotilla aid ship , the illegal blockade of Gaza has gained a new momentum in the international arena. At a recent emergency meeting , the U.N member states ( except U.S of course ) have all called for the end  of  the  illegal blockade by Israel. But from all the countries present at the meeting , Turkey was clearly the most critical of Israel due to the  killings of  Turkish activists on the ship , but also due to Turkey`s  geopolitical  position as  a  key player standing between the West and the Middle East - Asian regions. Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu called for a strong international response against Israel`s " massacre " and for the immediate release of the ship and the activists on board. However , I think  Turkey is just playing a hard voice game for its domestic audience and international audience ( specially muslim majority countries ) , in reality Turkey knows  it cannot implement much of its hard talk without at least  the backing of  key EU member states , because we all  know  the U.S is unlikely to be on board of anything that goes against Israel ! Nevertheless , as  a  key Nato  member  and  having  good  relations with  countries  such  as  Iran , Turkey can strategically  make  life  vey  difficult  for the Zionist  regime in Tel Aviv.
In another  amazing  U turn , Egypt  decided  to  re open  the Rafah  border  crossing  for  an  indefinite time ! The  Mubarak  regime  is  obviously  under  domestic  and  international  pressure  to  do  so , with  this  move  the  regime  also  wants  to  distance  itself  from  its  Zionist  counterpart , but  ironically  anyone  who  follows  the  Gaza  humanitarian  crisis  knows  that  Egypt  is  part  of  the  illegal  blockade  and  so  the Mubarak  regime  is  as  guilty  as  the  Zionist  regime. Now  since  Israel  says  the  blockade  will  continue , the key  questions  are  :
-  For  how long  Rafah  will  remain  open ?  Will  Egypt  dare  opening  Rafah  for  a  period  over  6 months ?
- What  will  Israel  do  about  it ?